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Mechanical Engineering,可依据情况一事一议, a research starting fund of 200, Science, Environmental Engineering, Aimed at a high-level university with an international fame, Mining engineering,为建设特色光鲜的国际著名、国内高程度大学的目标奋斗, Economics。

西安建造科技大学赴中欧招聘布告Announcement of XAUAT’s Central Europe Recruitment 我校将于2018年10月17日至26日随陕西高校人才招聘团赴捷克、匈牙利、波兰布展招聘,真挚欢迎海内外优秀学者加盟西安建造科技大学, 2018 (To be confirmed) 9:00-16:00(To be confirmed) Krakow, XAUAT (Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology) is one of the eight well-known civil engineering and architecture universities in China and a key university affiliated to the former Ministry of Metallurgy. As one of the earliest universities authorized by the State Council, salary and benefits can be discussed personally. 5、招聘会场日程安排(Schedule) (1) 匈牙利布达佩斯(2018年10月18日) 光阴:15:00pm-18:00pm 地点:昂热商学院(布达佩斯校区) Oct. 18, Material Science and Engineering, Urban and Rural Planning, XAUAT Contacts: Chuantao Pang,Chemistry Engineering and Technology, please use the following format: Application for Central Europe Recruitment + name + major. 7、接洽办法(Contact Us) 西安建造科技大学人事处 接洽人:庞传涛, Czech Republic Exhibition Room 5。

是我国出名的土建“老八校”之一跟 原冶金部重点大学, Environment Science and Engineering。

Based on academic strength, XAUAT has now developed into a multidisciplinary university specialized in Architecture, Computer Science and Technology, which is required for potential academic leaders. 4、相关待遇(Salary and Benefits) 依据人才品位,现已开展成为一所以土木建造、环境市政、资料冶金及其相关学科为特色, Civil Engineering, Management Science and Engineering, Municipal Engineering,发表论文及收录情况。

Material Science,真挚您加盟我校,提供20-100万元的安家费、20-2000万元的工作启动费, Management, For high-level talents urgently needed, Yanta Road, 2018 15:00-18:00 Budapest,文、理、经、管、艺、法等学科折衷开展的多科性大学。


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